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Here are some interesting links concerning Meddybemps, Washington County and Maine.Send me any links that you think might be of interest to others. I can not be held responsible for the URL-validity though, as is hopefully understandable.

Newspapers and magazines in Maine

Bangor Daily News Online

One of Maine’s favorite magazines is online!

Governement agencies and programs

The official State of Maine website

The official Washington County website

Inland Fish and Wildlife

Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP)

The official Washington County Website

Atlantc Salmon Commission

Opening hours for Marion Transfer Station:

Shoreline zoning newsletter

more info about shoreline zoning

Special interests

To check out the latest in salmon news!

COLA - for the sake of Maine’s lakes

Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program

The one & only: delicious Katie’s Chocolates

EPA Superfund website
http://yosemite.epa.gov/r1/npl_pad.nsf/f52fa5c31fa8f 5c885256adc0050b631/C920D8D2088266B8852569 0D00449689?OpenDocument

The PEARL Lakes Guide - info on Meddybemps Lake

Maine Audubon Society

To find out more about biking in Maine.

Friends of Moosehorn website

The Education Center for Calais and surrounding area.

Downeast Amateur Astronomers - a very interesting site from Pembroke!

Guide to survival in Maine woods

a video of the dam in Dec.

EPA Article about the archaeological dig at Meddybemps

Here is someone on the lake who makes specialty chairs - check them out!

More about the archaeological dig at Meddybemps

website for Baileyville, Me.

website for Alexander, Me.

Go to YouTube.com, enter Zach Orchard’s id - GP9RailFan - and watch some very interesting films about Maine’s Railway Past! Keep up the great work.

A great website about finding Maine food, farms, fairs and events! A definite MUST SEE!


A note of interest:
On August 5, 2003 one loon - a female - was caught and tagged by members of the Biodiverstity Research Institute, on Hardwood Island. Testing was performed to determine the levels of heavy metals (in this case mercury). The results indicate a moderate level, which according to a report from Mr. Savoy and others at the Institute, translates to 1.0 - 3.0 ppm.
For more information, you can have a look at their website
www.briloon.org . In my opinion, it is a great project and I hope they can keep an eye on many more Meddybemps loons! 

Extra note: I contacted the people at Biodiversity Research Institute to find out if there was any new “news” about the Meddybemps loon. To date, they haven’t been able to go back and check on her well-being. Perhaps if they heard from more of us, they might be able to conduct more research on “our” loon population.
(Beth Teele-Haidinger per April 24, 2006)

In case the English disclaimer isn’t legally “sound”, I will keep the German version one in as well - for all those who want to practise their high school German! :-)

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2012 Dennys River and Lake Meddybemps Water Management, by Colby Bruchs

Photos from Pete from the Superfund Site - Indian Tribute, Sept. 2012.

For a peek at what is being sold by the LMA, click here

Ice above Town dock - 4.4.13

Ice below Town Dock - 4.4.13

Open water above camp - 4.4.13

Denny's River at canal mouth - 4.5.13

Denny's River upstream to bridge - 4.5.13

Broken ice and open water above dock - 4.5.13