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LMA 2006 Minutes

Lake Association Meeting 2007: Sunday, August 5@ 11:00am (new time!)
Director’s Meeting 2007: Saturday, July 28 @9:00 am

Location of both meetings: currently set for the Community Center.

LMA 2006 Annual Meeting Minutes

The annual meeting was called to order by President Lance Bagley at on Sunday August 6 at 1:10.

Motion to accept the minutes to the 2005 meeting by Frank Putnam, seconded by Sherry Bagley.

Treasurer’s Report

Balance to date is $4185.85 this includes a balance of $1100 from Holloway Memorial fund. Motion to accept the treasure’s report by Lance Bagley seconded by Sherry Bagley.

Cary James introduced the speaker, John Cullem, an environmental specialist with the DEP, who spoke on the issues of shoreline zoning, stressed the following points.

    New construction requires a 100 foot set back from the lake.

  • Natural buffers and erosion barriers are needed between lake and camp lawns.
  • Use phosphorous free fertilizers on lawns; these can be purchased at Ace Hardware in Calais.
  • Camp road maintenance has the greatest impact on the lake. Roads should be free of potholes, crowned in the middle allowing for runoff to flow to side ditches that pitch away from the lake.
  • Permits are needs to move rocks from the lake and with in 75 feet. Document by photographing.
  • Any earthwork with in 75 feet of the water requires a permit including pulling weeds.

The Lake Smart Program has moved to Washington County with Bill McClen as the coordinator. More on this program can be found at.http://www.maine.gov/dep/blwq/doclake/lakesmart/index.htm

Water Testing

Cary James reviewed the results of our five year water testing at the meeting. A motion was made by Karen Cook to add Bear Cove as a test site; this was seconded by Sherry Bagley. The testing results can be viewed on the website www.meddybempslake.com

David Mauk will be the contact person with the ASC (Atlantic Salmon Commission) and will address issues regarding the dam.

Loon Count

It was reported that 19 adult loons and no chicks were counted this year. The loon count was held on July 15th between the hours of 7:00- 7:30 AM. Few chicks were counted statewide and felt this was due to low water levels in March followed by flooded nests in May and June. Thanks you to Ed and Sally Ketchen, Pete and Liz Trouant and Bob Hazelwood who participated in the count.

Local Issues

Karen Cook presented a program that the Lake Association can apply for that will provide a public pay phone to Meddybemps. It would accept 911, credit card and local calls. It was suggested that the phone be located away from the road to avoid the loud truck traffic.

The dumpster at the public landing is for Meddybemps residence use only. Other dumpsters are located on Stone Rd and Lite Lane. These dumpsters accommodate household garbage only. All other garbage must be disposed of at Marion Transfer station for the fee of $30 a ton.

Invasive Plant Workshop

The Meddybemps Community Center will host Washington County’s invasive plant workshop on Thursday, August 24 from 9 AM to 3 PM. 15 people so far have registered. The Lake Association will provide chips and soda with people providing their own bag lunch.

A past president plaque was awarded to, Hy Adelman for his service to the LMA and was accepted by his parents, Milton and Gloria.

Nomination and election of officers

President- Lance Bagley
V. president- David Mauk
Treasurer- Karen Smith Cook
Secretary- Meg Teele Rothberg

Board members

Durell Bezzini (1 year term) exp.2007

Three year terms exp. 2009
Sherry Bagley
Pete Trouant
Frank Putnam Jr
Roland Tomasch


Meddybemps fire Company $100
Meddybemps Community Center $100
Quaddy Land Trust $50
COLA annual membership $25

Meeting adjourned 3:00 pm

The time for the 2007 annual meeting will be at 11:00 am on Sunday August 5th

    The directors’ meeting will be held on Saturday July 28th at 9:00 am

    If you are receiving these minutes by US mail and have a current email address, please contact me with your email so future correspondences can be made electronically.

            Respectively submitted,

Margaret Teele Rothberg

2012 Dennys River and Lake Meddybemps Water Management, by Colby Bruchs

Photos from Pete from the Superfund Site - Indian Tribute, Sept. 2012.

For a peek at what is being sold by the LMA, click here

Ice above Town dock - 4.4.13

Ice below Town Dock - 4.4.13

Open water above camp - 4.4.13

Denny's River at canal mouth - 4.5.13

Denny's River upstream to bridge - 4.5.13

Broken ice and open water above dock - 4.5.13