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LMA 2005 Minutes

Lake Association Meeting 2006:Sunday, August 6 @ 1:00pm
Director’s Meeting 2006:Saturday, July 29 @9:00 am

Location of both meetings:currently set for the Community Center.

2005 LMA Annual Meeting

The meeting was called to order by past president Sherry Zwingman Bagley at 1:05 PM.

Raffle tickets were sold at the door for a door prize.

The meeting began with guest speaker Bill Kolodnicki, manager of the National Moosehorn Refuge and Friends of the Moosehorn. Tonya Troiani won a hat for answering the opening question, Who created the National Wildlife Refuge system in 1903? Answer: Teddy Roosevelt.

A  Powerpoint presentation explained that the mission at Moosehorn is to save the wildlife. It was established in 1937 as a refuge and breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife. It is the first in a chain of migratory bird refuges, that extends from Maine to Florida. The Moosehorn consists of two units: The Baring Unit covers 16,080 acres and is located off U.S. Route 1 southwest of Calais; the 6,665 acre Edmunds Unit borders the tidal waters of Cobscook Bay near Dennysville. At this location, the American woodcock is intensely studied and managed. This reclusive shorebird dwells in the alder covers by day and in the Refuge's clearings at night. However, the woodcock is best known for its spectacular spring courtship flights.

Congress appropriates money for acquisition of property and will only pay market value. The Moosehorn is a major land owner in Meddybemps and surrounding towns, paying Meddybemps approximately $3500 once a year for loss of revenue. The national headquarters for the NE is located in Hadley, Massachusetts and oversees 36 facilities from Maine to Virginia. Friends of the Moosehorn is an organization that offers learning programs and maintains trails used for cross country skiing, biking, walking and hiking. An eventual partnership between the LMA and Friends of the Moosehorn could result in attaining available grant money for programs such as water testing and monitoring.

1:45 - business meeting was opened by Sherry Bagley.

2004 minutes approved and moved.

Treasurer’s report

The account has an ending balance of $5029.85. $1100 of this balance is Holloway Memorial Fund money. At the last meeting, it was voted to purchase a community board to be placed at the town dock with these funds. Profits on the flashlight /fleece sale is at $269.48. Pete Trouant motioned to accept the report, Wayne Dogan seconded.

Loon Count

Ed Ketchen reported that the loon count took place the same time this year as in the past and resulted in a count of 13 adults and 3 chicks. He reported that the chicks were small for this time of year.

Town Dock

Rotten planks have been replaced on the dock, tie-up rings need to be installed; random vandalizing of signs was reported.

Water Issues

The water level is holding its own and continues to be monitored by the ASC.

Water testing will be completed in October and results posted on the website. This is our second set of major testing data. It was discussed that perhaps future testing could be partnered with the Moosehorn.

Invasive Plants and Lake Monitoring

Karen Smith will call the VLMP in a couple of weeks since there was no response to her eMails regarding a class for 2006. She reported that there were no VLMP classes held in Washington County this year. This training is very important for the certification of plant patrollers. Phone number is on the Moosehorn website.

Superfund site update

On the EPA website is the link to the superfund site where updates can be found. At this point a new well has been dug at the TV tower and is being monitored. Bill Butler is meeting with Richie and Isabel concerning the clean up of their property along 191.

Board nominations

Nominating committee presented the following slate of candidates for a vote:
Vice Pres. Lance Bagley

To serve on the board of directors 2005 -2008:
Glenn Ball, Paul Bloomhardt, Chris Potts, Elizabeth Bloomhardt

To fill the remainder of Lance’s 2005-2007 term: Christian O’Dell

Fund Raising

The board is looking into the possibility of a year-long raffle, with the possibility of raffling off a kayak. Katy Potts suggested a bake sale table to be set up at the International Festival with not only baked goods, but also LMA info and fund-raising items.

Tee shirts are available this year at $23 each. They have a Lake logo on the front and original loon painting on the back. Artwork was donated by Hiddi Hipp, a friend of Meddybemps Lake. Flashlights are still available at $10 each.

A case of a limited reserve Merloon wine was bottled and donated by Teele Island winery. Bottles are $10 each. Profits go towards water testing fees for Meddybemps Lake.


A motion was made to recommend that LMA membership dues continue to be $15 per year and/or $25 for two years; motion seconded by Katy Potts.


Beth Teele Haidinger continues to keep the non-profit website current and kindly requests material be submitted for posting. (www.meddybempslake.com)

Please keep LMA informed of changes in email addresses.

2005 Donations

Community center -$100
Quoddy Land Trust - $50
Friends of the Moosehorn - $50

The Raffle basket was won by Lance Bagley

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Teele Rothberg

2012 Dennys River and Lake Meddybemps Water Management, by Colby Bruchs

Photos from Pete from the Superfund Site - Indian Tribute, Sept. 2012.

For a peek at what is being sold by the LMA, click here

Ice above Town dock - 4.4.13

Ice below Town Dock - 4.4.13

Open water above camp - 4.4.13

Denny's River at canal mouth - 4.5.13

Denny's River upstream to bridge - 4.5.13

Broken ice and open water above dock - 4.5.13