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LMA 2003 Minutes

  • LMA 2003 Annual Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting was called to order at 1:05 by Ted Bloomhardt, Vice President.
  • Ted opened the meeting with a message from the president, Hy Adelman via Hawaii, who sent his apologies for being unavailable at this year’s meeting. Ted asked that when people leave the meeting after 2:00, to please use the basement exit due to the upstairs hall will be in use. Also be sure to sign in on the clipboard. Agendas and handouts are available on the table. Today’s power point presentation on Invasive plants is presented by Ted and Liz Bloomhardt.

    Presentation Highlights

    Invasive plant infestation is a prime concern for lakes in Maine.

    Maine is one of three states that do not have Eurasian Milfoil at this time.

    Variable Watermilfoil-which grows in thick mats along the shoreline and can grow in water depths of up to 10 -12 feet has been discovered in southern Maine where the waters are heavily used by boaters. Checkers or inspectors, monitor boats going in and out of the waters. A $500.00 fine can be imposed if boat is discovered being launched with vegetation

    Eurasian Watermilfoil-grows in very dense mats in depths up to 15 feet, once introduced into a lake it’s virtually impossible to eradicate. It grows rapidly and aggressively and has the potential to be devastating to water quality and shorefront property value.

    Fanwart-has been in New England for over 50 years but not yet a problem in Maine.

    Water Chestnut-found in southern New England but not yet Maine. Triangular shaped leaves, long stems reaching as long as 16 feet, this plant produces a flower-like fruit or “chestnut”

    Vermont has 55 bodies of water infested with milfoil
    Maine’s action plan is to make stricter laws through educational awareness.
    Funding for educational awareness is coming from registration fees charged: $10.00 in state, $20.00 out-of-state.
    Placement of inspectors on lakes in southern Maine.
    Emergency Authority responds to reports of infestation, Ray Bouchard closed the public landing on Messalonskee Lake due to infestation.
    The state suggests setting up VLMP, Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program and to send suspicious samples for identification. On Vermont’s Bryant Pond, the VLMP set up by the local lake association, was successful in removing milfoil from the lake.
    Cheryl Bagley and Beth Teele Haidinger volunteered to put the monitoring system (VLMP) in place for Meddybemps Lake. The lake will be mapped out into quadrants and volunteers will monitor and report suspicious growth. This program should be extended to Pleasant Lake because of its heavy use and proximity to Meddybemps.

    Presentation Ended at 1:50.

    Business Meeting
    A motion by Ted to accept the 2002 Minutes; so moved by Bill Sager.

    Treasurer’s report- Karen Smith submitted the following report: As of 08/01/03 the balance in the General Fund: $2690.02 and in the Holloway Memorial Fund: $1100.00. Motion by Ted to accept and seconded by Cheryl Bagley.

    Local issues-Where’s Harry Smith? It was reported that the story on Harry appeared in Wall Street Journal.
    Super fund site-well pumping continues to be monitored by the DEP.
    Fish removal- It was stated that the stocking of fish in the lake did not take place this year but Milton reported he saw fish either being removed or put in the lake at the town dock. Ed Ketchen reported that the people spotted were biologists testing the fish for PCB. Salmon were reported returning in 2003 but none in 2002.
    Loon Count- took place on July 19th with the spotting of 3 chicks and 13 adults. Ed thanked those who assisted in the count that lasted from 7:00-8:00PM this year.
    Water level- the Dennys River Water Shed Web site contains the results of the study. New drawdown targets were set and this year the lake was 5” below the target. The dam is being checked but Doug Wright reports that the entries at the store were good thru the spring but have since stopped.
    Water quality- Doug Wright stopped testing the water in 2002. Ed Ketchen reports the readings were good but not as good as the last two years. A long winter and wet spring were contributing factors for this year.
    Boat access-voted and seconded the expenditures to add cleats on the docks at the expense of the LMA if state approves.
    Officer Nominations- nominations for the 2003 -2004 year are:
    President: Hy Adelman, Vice Presedent: David Mauk, Treasurer: Karen Smith, Secretary: Meg Teele Rothberg.
    Board of Directors: for a term of three years: (2003-2006)
    Pete Trouant, Cheryl Bagley, Rolfe Towe, Katy Potts.
    Two year term (2003-2005): Rod Mattson

    Other-The Quoddy Regional Land Trust Annual Meeting was attended by  Cheryl Bagley, Beth Teele Haidinger and David Mauk. A motion by  Cheryl Bagley to spend $50.00 and become an organizational member of the QRLT. Motion seconded by David Mauk.

    Concern expressed regarding the Meddybemps Shores development and the lack of compliance on clear cutting. Mr. Hazelwood reported that clear cut lots in question have been reported to the Alexander code enforcement officer and that the QRLT can instill remediation. The lot next to the boat launch is owned by the homeowners association. Their meeting is August 6th at the home of Debbie Feck, association president.

    The current market value of the remaining lots, $29,000  $39,000 $55,000 and one for $60,000. Lots sizes range from one to two acres.Cheryl Bagley made a   motion that COLA membership for our LMA president should be paid annually, motion seconded by David Mauk.Recommendation by Milton Adelman to give the town $100 towards the cost of the trash dumpster at the town dock. Membership voted not to support the recommendation due to the 42% increase   in Meddybemps taxes. Motion by Ted B. to give $100.00 from the LMA to the Meddybemps Community Center for use of the building today, seconded by Katy Potts.

    It was suggested that the 2004 LMA annual meeting possibly be held in a neighboring community center.

    Meeting ended at 2:50 PM

    The next Board of Directors meeting will be Saturday, July 24th at 9:00 AM.
    The 2004 Annual Meeting will be Sunday, August 1st at 1:00 PM.

    If you were unable to attend the LMA meeting or forgot to mail your 2003 dues, feel free to send a check to:
    Karen Smith
    Rt.191 Box 1350
    Meddybemps, ME 04657

    Respectfully Submitted
    Margaret Teele Rothberg

2012 Dennys River and Lake Meddybemps Water Management, by Colby Bruchs

Photos from Pete from the Superfund Site - Indian Tribute, Sept. 2012.

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Ice above Town dock - 4.4.13

Ice below Town Dock - 4.4.13

Open water above camp - 4.4.13

Denny's River at canal mouth - 4.5.13

Denny's River upstream to bridge - 4.5.13

Broken ice and open water above dock - 4.5.13